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Multicultural, International School for Pre-Nursery (2’s) - Grade 5 with Chinese and Spanish immersion
4 East 90th Street, NYC 10128

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We host virtual tours all year and can also schedule private conversations. Click here to schedule your virtual visit.

Integrated Curriculum

Small classrooms allow for meaningful investigation into core academic subjects at the highest level, integrated with daily music, art and language. Click here to learn more about our Academics.

Language Immersion

IANY students receive 40 percent of all instruction in their chosen language of Spanish or Chinese. Click here to learn more about why we teach a second language and how our bilingual program works.

At the International Academy of New York, we believe that students learn best when they feel seen and heard; that small class sizes create opportunities for meaningful investigation into core subjects at the highest level; that truly diverse schools produce students who are culturally astute, intellectually stimulated, and make transitions easily; and that bilingual education is a necessity in an ever-shrinking world.

We approach our students as individuals, preparing them to navigate the world they will inherit with confidence, energy, and resilience.

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After months of careful planning, our school reopened for 100% in-person learning on September 14th. Welcome back, students! Thank you to our amazing staff and parents.


  • October 2: Half day Friday. Dismissal at 12:15pm (Pods 1&2) 12:30pm (Pods 3&4)
  • October 12: No School - Fall Weekend.
  • October 14: Virtual Open House. Sign up here.
  • October 16th: Half Day Friday. Dismissal after lunch.

Bilingual education. Multicultural understanding. Diverse community.

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“I couldn’t be happier. My daughter loves the school and doesn’t want to miss a day. The teachers at IANY are so caring, especially during this unprecedented time. Their dedication to the children can’t go unnoticed.”

- Tantip, Parent

“This school truly feels like a family and the teachers’ devotion is remarkable.”

- Laman, Parent

“I have two children at IANY. My oldest is in 4th grade and my youngest is in 2nd grade. My children are quite different with different strengths and interests, but they both are flourishing. [They] love the school and as a parent I love the diverse community and the language immersion. IANY is very engaging, warm, and a joyful atmosphere...This is an unique place.”

- Kenyatta

“IANY values our differences...celebrates the social, cultural and intellectual diversity of us all.”

- Tzedale and Cristoph

“The diversity in the student body and staff at the International Academy of New York feel like a warm hug! My daughter takes delight in knowing the names and grades of her fellow schoolmates in this tight knit community. Her Spanish and Mandarin pronunciation are music to my ears!”

- Milan

“Our son is a pre-nursery student at IANY. At this young age, he has made friendships with kids from various cultural backgrounds. His teachers' approach to his early childhood education is focused on expanding his horizons, encouraging his imagination, and giving him the confidence required to express himself freely. Through the uncertainties of the pandemic months, the school made every effort to keep the class together every week and the children engaged.”

- Mangesh

“In addition to the education that our daughter receives, we love that the school values diversity, the teachers love teaching and the kids love going to school. Our daughter is currently six years old. As we watch the older kids move through the school’s curriculum, we become excited about what our daughter will accomplish once she completes her time here.”

- Manuel and Tiffany

“It has been two years since my daughter embarked on her educational journey at IANY. Throughout her enrollment not only has she enhanced tremendously in her bilingual and mathematical skills but has also assimilated into an academic family that will remain in her heart for the rest of her life. IANY has grown a community where we feel comfortable to voice our opinions and freely communicate as a family. Everyone continues to push my daughter to the best of her abilities. We are truly grateful and love being apart of IANY and look forward to the future years.”

- Karon

“My name is Widline, I am one of the founding parents at IANY School. My daughter is now a Second Grader. I can’t verbally express how amazing this school is. It is a welcome and nurturing environment, IANY is a community of caring teachers, faculties, parents and students. I have seen so much emotional, cognitive, and social growth since my daughter started this school. IANY never stop striving for excellence in every way, I am mostly impressed with their language immersion, and my daughter truly enjoyed learning Mandarin. As loving parents we want our children to go to school in a safe and loving environment. IANY provided just that and more.”

- Widline

“The small IANY community is an extension of the family. It is easy to make friends and get to know each other and teachers are supportive of the children. My child is very happy coming to school and learning.”

- Ana

“We like the diversity of the school — children, teachers and parents coming from different backgrounds and socio-economic groups reflecting the diversity of the city. We also like the amazing teachers, focus on language and small classes.”

- Maria

“In a day in age where most schools only care about test scores and our children have become another number, you can rest assured that at IANY that is not the case! IANY allows my daughter to fully immerse herself in her developmental stage while providing positive interactions allowing her to optimize her best self through small classroom sizes, great teachers and their tactics of teaching. We are immensely lucky to have found such a wonderful school. “

- Aukia