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Dear Visitor,

Welcome! Our school is a place where young people grow up in a caring environment, awake to the differences in the world, and actively expanding their awareness through language, art and music. Our small class sizes allow our exceptional international faculty to observe students and design transdisciplinary experiences for deep learning that lasts. Whether creating and collaborating in classrooms, exploring nature in Central Park, or visiting installations in surrounding museums, our students are engaged in sharpening their speaking and listening skills in English while becoming fluent in Spanish or Chinese. This multilingual exposure in real life contexts grounds young people in meaning and empathy.

This is a small and mighty school. As you travel through our website, you will learn more about how our students emerge as courageous communicators who listen to and contribute to the world around them.

The faculty, staff and current families at IANY join me in inviting you to visit.

Warm Regards,

Nasreen Ikram Hussain
Head of School

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