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At International Academy of New York, our focus is to raise students excited to find their place, now and in the future, in a world which will benefit from their impact. To meet this goal, we believe they need:

Fluency in all aspects of English literacy

Academy students are accomplished communicators who can write eloquently in a range of genres. They speak confidently to a classmate or to the entire school. They share a love of world literature and read enthusiastically for information and for personal pleasure.

Skilled and creative mathematical competence

At the Academy, math students are encouraged to see math everywhere—not just in a textbook or on a worksheet. As active learners, they explore, experiment, and question; they know that taking risks and making mistakes leads to deeper understanding and engagement with a concept.

Proficiency, and in many cases, fluency, in another language

Our students spend approximately 40% of their time interacting in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. This comes through a daily language class, in addition to art and music classes also taught in the target language. Native speakers teach all language, art, and music classes and introduce the students to rich and varied cultural experiences.

Confident and creative artistic expression

At the Academy, we learn world music through song and a range of developmentally appropriate instruments. Dance and movement are featured in music classes, and children perform for the school on a regular basis. Our artists work in multi-media and become familiar with ancient and modern art throughout the world. The neighboring museums and nearby Central Park provide extended classrooms and endless inspiration.

Interdisciplinary connections in science and social studies

Through thematic studies such as birds of Central Park, architecture, community workers and resources, and the cultures represented within our school, we seek ways for students to explore the neighborhood as well as the world. Science and social studies are approached as cross-curricular opportunities to explore topics of interest.

Healthy, physically fit bodies

We move! We commit to outdoor activity on a daily basis unless Mother Nature forbids it. Academy students have opportunities for unstructured play as well as more formal physical education classes three times a week, usually conducted in Central Park.

Unwavering attention to kind and respectful treatment of others

The Academy will raise scholars, artists, musicians, athletes, and scientists, yet launching remarkable human beings with unmistakable character is inherent in all we do.