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At the Academy, we believe that opportunities for students to cross various disciplines within a wider curriculum promote cognitive growth and deeper understanding of concepts. The ability to learn and explore new material through a range of subjects is central to our Integrated Curriculum.

Here, themes and topics are drawn from science, social studies, and world cultures. In the fall, our students learn about their school community and the NYC environs which surround it. Later in the spring, they “travel” the globe to learn more about the countries from which their classmates have come or about a country featured in the news (the site of the Olympics, for example). Each winter term is devoted to science topics chosen and planned for by Academy faculty and often based on interests demonstrated by the students. Art, music, mathematics, food, field trips, speakers, research, literature, creative and expository writing bring this part of the curriculum to life.

Here's a guide to choosing an International School, to help you know what to look for and what questions to ask.