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Emily Benson

I was a first time parent not so long ago, and it seemed that the moment my son was born, I was tuned in to a part of family life I hadn’t paid any attention to before: schools. Questions swirled among the parents: What school will your child go to? Have you filled out this form, and that one? Have you applied to enough schools? Are you sure they’re the right schools? As a new mother, this seemed like an awful lot of pressure and unnecessary stress to put on parents who just want their children to be happy and fulfilled.

Fast forward to my turn to choose a school for my son (and two more toddlers in tow). I walked through the doors to IANY, and everything fell into place. I could not have dreamed of a more diverse, engaged, and well-rounded education for my children, nor a more welcoming place for my family.

The truth is, when you visit a school, you will just know if it’s the right fit for you. So I encourage you to join one of our many virtual open houses throughout the year and talk to our staff and our parents. And you are always welcome to schedule a one-on-one visit with me and meet our head of school.

Our goal here is to make this process straightforward and stress-free. We have families from throughout the five boroughs, and we are committed to helping families from all economic backgrounds. So, contact us with any and all questions. We are excited to meet you and your children!


Emily Benson
Director of Admissions

Office of Admissions

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